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Just a reminder we have someone that can help you and is watching your accounts and servers 24/7. Please ticket us, if we can help you.

18th Iul 2019
Cpanel and DirectAdmin Servers

We are continuing to offer cpanel on all of our shard hosting accounts. However, We now also have two servers that are using the DirectAdmin control panels. One in Texas and California. If you would like to be switched to one of these new control panels or servers, please send a ticket into us.

18th Iul 2019
Cpanel Price Changes and hosting control panels

As of the 27th of June (this year), cPanel Inc. announced the most shocking news that majority of hosts went to frustrations nowadays. And that's the pricing based change of their licensing service. To learn more about this information, kindly read their statement about this at the official community forums and on their blog. As you may all ... Continuare »

29th Iun 2019
Upgraded the server-wide PHP version to PHP 7.3

We have upgraded the server-wide PHP version to PHP 7.3.

If your site requires a previous PHP version, please select it under Multi PHP Manager in your cPanel.

1st MaI 2019
We now have servers in 11 Different area's

We now have servers in 11 Different area's If you would like to be set up on a certain server, or state. Just make a note on activation. Arizona California Canada Colorado Florida Illinois Michigan Navada New York Texas Utah Viginia

25th Apr 2019
Upcoming SquirrelMail Removal

The SquirrelMail webmail suite will be removed from our servers probably around the end of 2018. An exact date has not been determined, but it will be removed before the calendar turns over to 2019. SquirrelMail is a simple, yet very old piece of software. The last version of SquirrelMail was released in July 2011 and the last update was in May ... Continuare »

8th Oct 2018
Canada Servers will be available

We are seeing several request for a "Buddy" Canada server. We are setting up this server now.  and signups will be ready by the end of this week. If you would like this server to be the main server or a "buddy" server, Please send us a request. Thanks

4th Oct 2018
Focusing on just the U.S servers at this time.

Due to recent preformace issues, We will no long be offering Australia, Singapore, London, Paris or Canada serversWe will be retiring all Australia, Singapore, London, Paris, Canada servers. And will be focusing on just our U.S servers. These have proven to be the best for us. and have the best uptime and preformance.If you would like to see a ... Continuare »

1st Oct 2018
Redundant "buddy" servers

All sites hosed with PCstar Hosting are useing a redundancy or "Buddy" server. With redundency between servers, this mean that if your server is seeing issues or lancency.Your site will automatclly be mirrored on to another server, with NO downtime!Or if you wish you can be switched to a server that will serve you better ... Continuare »

21st Sep 2018
Website Builder is now included with all of our hosting services

SitePad Website Builder is now included with all of our shared & reseller hosting services. This new feature is accessible within cPanel, and allows you to launch a website within cliks, with no HTML or PHP knowledge required!Features include: One Click Publish, Selection of over 278 Themes, 40+ widgets, responsive websites and more.SitePad ... Continuare »

19th Sep 2018

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