Aug 3rd Upgrading all of our servers to PHP 7.0

Please be aware that we will be upgraded all of our servers's PHP version to 7.0 in preparation for the upcoming end-of-life support for version 5.6. Your website may be affected by this upgrade as there are PHP functions that were dropped in version 7.0 such as `mysql_*()` functions. To learn more about the backward incompatible changes from PHP ... Read More »

Jul 8th Beginning July 2018 Google's Chrome web browser NON-SSL

As many of you may or may not know, beginning July 2018 Google's Chrome web browser will begin displaying sites that do not have valid SSL certificates (non-HTTPS) with a warning of "Not Secure" in the URL.What does that mean for you? If your website does not have an SSL certificate installed and/or is still using HTTP rather than HTTPS and your ... Read More »

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